Primroses are synonymous with spring. Primarily they add a well needed burst of colour to the beginning of the season. Which is why the Primrose is our plant of the month for January. Primroses are part of the Primula family. Primula is from the Latin primus meaning prime (first) – the first flowers to appear in spring. Primula vulgaris is our native British Primrose which can be seen growing in the wild at the edge of woodlands and hedgerows. They flower from February – April. In contrast to the native variety, and thanks to the extensive work from global breeders, hybrid/cultivated primroses come in a full spectrum of colours. So whatever the colour scheme, there are Primroses that fit the bill – from cool blues through to shocking reds. Its low compact habit makes it perfect for containers or the front of borders. Key Benefits: - Early spring colour - Low maintenance - Perfect for pots and containers - Hardy in all but the harshest winter

Valid until 2021-02-28

£1.99 (6 for £10)

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